June 2022 Review, Package & Deals

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VyprVPN is a popular VPN which is based in Switzerland, due to their favorable privacy laws that respect the rights of Internet users, and comes from the same stable of companies as US ISP Texas.net, Data Foundry, and top Usenet provider Giganews. VyprVPN offers software for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, smart TVs and multiple router types. A free 500MB/month plan gives a basic sampling of the service, or you can opt for one of the commercial plans. There are a limited amount of servers but they hundreds of thousands of IPs.

What we like

  • Impressive performance tests
  • No 'single IP address' limit for device connections
  • Good value yearly plans
  • Free plan

What we don't like

  • Single month plans are expensive
  • Strictly no refunds


VyprVPN connected as normally. The connection process took a few seconds longer than usual, but after that performance was generally very good in testing. Tests showed a 96% increase in latency and a 68% drop in upload speeds, but download speeds were 2.48x faster than with the VPN turned off.

Australia Brazil China France Germany Mexico United Kingdom USA
Download (Mbps) 23.5 39.7 7.65 70.1 74.2 58.9 82.55 42.3
Upload (Mbps) 28.5 26.5 7.88 27.8 28.9 27.6 54.6 28.44


VyprVPN offers a lot of privacy power for a very fair price. VyprVPN's privacy policy is clear, straightforward and extremely short, far better than the lengthy legalese you'll often be bombarded with elsewhere. The document heads each section with simple text explaining exactly what it's aiming to answer: "What data Golden Frog retains from VyprVPN sessions", or "How Golden Frog responds to criminal investigations", and so on. Each section provides only brief details, but they still manage to cover what you need to know.


VyprVPN offers 73 server locations, unlimited data usage, over 200,000 IPs, secure DNS servers, a kill switch, along with various auto-connect options (on application launch, when connecting to untrusted Wi-Fi).



12 Months

$5.75 per month

  • Servers in 55+ countries
  • The fastest and most secure VPN
  • 6 simultaneous connections with every package
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


12 Months

$8.32 per month

  • Servers in 94+ countries
  • The fastest and most secure VPN
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


12 Months

$5.83 per month

  • Servers in 22+ countries
  • Fast and reliable connections
  • Simple setup and configuration
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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